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(1st verse) `Is there a reason...
For things that you say?`

`The way you`re treating me...
All the games I won`t play?`

(Chorus 1) `Well it`s too late -- we`re no longer one...
I don`t want you --the damage is done.`

(2nd verse) ` Will you miss me...
When I leave you behind?`

` Will you tell your friends...
I treated you un-kind?`

(Chorus 2) ` Well it`s over now...
And I`m on the run!`

` I don`t want you -- the damage is done!`

(Refrain/Bridge) ` There have been rumors,
That my sense of humor,
Is lacking in some ways.`

` To me that`s no reason --
It`s tantamount to treason!`
` Let`s see what the Judge
Has to say!`

` You need to find,
someone half as blind... `

` As I am to your games!`

` And maybe you`ll find out,
What it`s all about... `

` And it can drive you INSANE !!!`

(Chorus 3) ` Ohh - OHH - oh --
The damage is done.`

` And now I feel it`s too late --
The damage is done.`

` It`s ohh -- oh -- oh -- oh `ver...
` Now I`m on the run!`

` Baby, you and I know --
The damage is done!`

(lead guitar)

` I feel it`s too late...
The Damage Is Done !!!`


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