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These are dangerous times
Nothing to care or die for
These are dangerous times
What you want, someone will buy for you

Don`t get away

It`s so easy to wait
You`ve been wearing the green
I`ve been wearing the fall
And you said that all was just agreed

But, don`t get away

I saw a guy out on the street
Said, I know what you need, BOY
I can set you fine
I didn`t buy his line, because

These are dangerous times
I don`t want to get old
You say that everything`s fine
Then you leave me standing in the cold
All alone

But, don`t get away

It`s so easy to fall
You`ve been trying to gain
I`ve been trying to stop
But it`s catching up with me again

But, don`t get away

These are dangerous times
It`s a dangerous time

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