Daughter – Make Of Stone Lyrics

What if I’m made of stone?
Feeling is not a system
Nervous and cold in your home
How can I know the symptom?
I should be feeling more
Draped over your bones
Paint covers up the walls
To spread our [?]
You are the likely cause
Of what will be mine

Oh it’s not surprising
Just inconvenient
To play no part in
All of the instruments
Seem to be sounding out
It’s premature

I think I’m made of stone
I should be feeling more

It’s just face painting
It’s just easing, awaiting
Blind without company

I think I’m made of stone
I think we are all
Built out of memory
Built out of seams
Structured of whispers
Pass through our veins
Laid out on springs
Shower tiny heads
You’ll find love can’t exist


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