Davis Absolute – Masterpiece Lyrics

[Intro: Davis Absolute]
And nothing’s new but the shoes
What it do, what it do
And nothing’s new but the shoes
What it do, what it do

[Hook: Timbaland]
Cash rules everything around me
C.R.E.A.M. get the money, dolla-dolla bill y’all

[Verse 1: Davis Absolute]
Knowledge of the Kingdom for a minute, but I’m so gone
The world wrapped around my throat saying hold on
And I can’t breathe, this pain won’t leave
Trying get it together on my own the slow [?]
Thoughts so calm
Mastermind of consciousness
Master with a plan or disaster is the consequence
The Benz polished short sight and not confidence
With the faith of a mustard tree, we move continents
Made marvellous, results of a God who thought of us
The same God became a martyr to harbour us
Cold hands in this blood stained promise
The only Man who kept a hundred percent when He promised us
And a release from the harmfulness
Imagine that heaven only charmed and had come to us
Maybe it’s the only thing that belongs to us
Maybe we haven’t belonged long enough
Maybe we let sin become a part of us
Maybe we need life water just to wash us up
Not a doubt in my mind that water isn’t strong enough
I try
This evil in my soul is too hard to scrub

[Hook: Timbaland & (Davis Absolute)]
Cash rules everything around me (cake, cake)
C.R.E.A.M. get the money, dolla-dolla bill y’all

[Verse 2: Davis Absolute]
I wouldn’t sell my soul for it all
The cash, the gold, the Rolex, the sex
The lust, the pleasure, the million dollar check
I wouldn’t sell my soul for it all
Knowledge of the Kingdom but I’m stuck
So hard to move [?] off my hands I was trying to [?] this fool
If you thought I’m upset I bond to this carnival
And alarm don’t worry my struggles aren’t hard to you
Why do I question God’s love like it’s so hard to prove
But you only exist cause God thought of you
Now figure that, it’s hard to do
Go and try can I promise you it’s hard to do
Every mistake that we make it’s still starting to
And I’m the one that did it, it’s almost like I saw Tucson bleeding ruse
Or justice that a song could do
But the moment He looked at me I saw the truth
Some of us just sell amount to put on some jewels
Pharmaceutical dreams of being rich
No [?] small pursue
Occupy, mind made for larger moves
I’m tryna live, I’mma follow ones for two

[Hook: Timbaland & (Davis Absolute)]
Cash rules everything around me (cake, cake)
C.R.E.A.M. get the money (cake, cake), dolla-dolla bill y’all

[Verse 3: Joey Jewish]
These snakes always seem to be close to me
It seems that should treat the ones that mean the most to me
And when this Egyptian touches my chest I’m feeling so outta breath
My conscience won’t let me rest
I’m exhausted
Me and Louis V., [?] jewellery, [?] and we zoning from the purest keys
Technically a prince call me palmer trees
Simple rose ain’t white land it’s south beach
Red carpet up but I keep a hood reach
Hood bleeding so I cleaned it with the good bleach
And every industry rapper we yell preach
They only spit truth right, *beep* please
Man we talk about the cake
Sierra missile with the jelly on the bass
Got a sweet tooth stir it up and then bake
Give you type two, cold body with the shakes
I ain’t frontin’ B
And you can never have enough of it
[?] or rich, equatorial or obelisk, have a certain lust for this
Talking Grandino
Grant got me [?], Franklin off the ego
Room so free-o
Chains got me starring out the peep hole
Schizophrenic, keep it on the d-low
[?], don’t tell them what we know
Money’s the route of all evil, amigos
Cake it, cake it

[Verse 4: Joey Jewish]
I got the couple unmuted, I hid in my trunk
Hitting that coffin I’m housing it up
The strippers they throwing it up
God over money I’m burning it up
Every young rapper we change in the game
Dorian Grey, you’ll be hearing my name
Lion-hearts everywhere no we ain’t lame (lion-heart)
Church and now I’m shaking my mane
Spirit domain
Glory to God in the highest, giving Him all of the praise
Prolly ain’t nothing but plates
I wouldn’t be massin’ the route with Jesus’ name
[?] what you all make
No celebration like who ate the cake
Winners so said it so what you do with Jesus Christ the only thing that will remain
What they saying, cake, cake, cake
They said they cake, they said they cake, they said they cake
Cake, cake, cake
I heard ’em say cake
They say the cake
They say the cake
They worry ’bout that cake
They focus on that cake
Oh oh
Worry ’bout that
I tell them I
Burn it up
Tell ’em that I burn it up
Take that money and I burn it up
Money and I burn it up
Take that money and I burn it up
You know I do burn it up


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