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Hank Williams, Jr. Hank Williams Jr Dinosaur Lyrics
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Hey man them ain`t high heel sneakers and they sure don`t look like cowboy boots

and that rock-n-roll your playing and it sure ain`t country or rhythm and blues

Your singin` a song about making love to your drummer. Well gay guitar pickers don`t turn me on

and we don`t all get into Donna Summer. Do you happen to know any ole Hank Williams songs?

Cause you see I`m a dinosaur I should have died out along time before.

Have pity on a dinosaur.Hand me my hat, excuse me man but where`s the door?

It used to be I had alot of fun in this ole hangout.We get stone at the jukebox and stay out of fights.

Now and then light alittle smoke in the truck out back.Oh then alittle ole Jim Beam and we`d get right.

You know these flashin` lights they sure make me dizzy and this disco is very strange to my ears.

It looks like they`ve turned the LongHorn into a spaceship and I`ll be leaving as soon as I finish this beer.

Cause you see I`m a dinosaur.Should `ve died out along time before.

There`s a whole lot of dinosaurs.Give us our hats,excuse me man but where`s the door?

Get us our hats, excuse me man,where`s the door?

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