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Diving Thing`-- Soup Dragons

You are the one supreme being
Just dressed to kill
and fulfill
just any dream
And you are the one heart`s desire
All hips and lips
made to trick
just any fool

I could have sworn that you were an angel
`Cause you`re a sweet, sweet, sweet, diving thing
But I should have known that you were the devil
Dressed like a sweet, sweet, sweet, divine thing...

[Quick note: That should have been `divine`, not `diving.` Darn typos.]

You lack the one thing that is devotion
not always there, in your hair
in a daze
Just too wrapped up in
your own emotion
your vanity
will always be
your greatest thing....


Diiiiiiiiviiiiiiiine thing, diiiiiiiiiviiiiiiiine thing.

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