DJ Official – Love Fallen Lyrics

[Intro: BenJah]
(Come [?])
Ay, DJ Official
Alongside the Holy Ghost come to bring this love to the people then
[?] right

[Verse 1: Gems]
Though the battles are hardest
We travel regardless
The wisdom of God can baffle the smartest
Crash this no shadow of darkness
[?] become [?] and heartless
Like a convertible car
As water reflects the face or
The heart reflects the person you are
And God can see the dirt preserved in your heart
They say the last shall be first and the first shall be last

[Verse 2: Jahaziel]
Repent for all your lawless agenda
A fall to the floor, surrender
Whose thoughts can comprehend
The Lord and His awesome splendour
The thought by which we all must enter
The sort of slender my friend call it the narrow route
Heroically breaking my fall I call it my parachute
He’s the One I’m bowing to
Tell me who can you compare Him to
None parallel
He’s all powerful

[Hook: BenJah]
Love fallen, fallen
Died [?]
Here had fallen, fallen
Let the footsteps come in the garden, garden
Separate us from the sin in our eyes
Our eyes
Love fallen, fallen
Thank God for the grace of our Father, our Father
Send His only Son, sin He will conquer, will conquer
Now we [?] in our sight

[Verse 3: Dillavou]
It’s like ay, ay
Where they go fast and pray
And teach the people to go find a better way
[?] them neutral like [?]
But the reason my skin is untraced
Or if you see it backward
You can’t clean up and then come receive their Master
We knew it [?] and now you see me muster
But the Father know me before and after
[?] His own Son
Ay, ay
The Kingdom is too late
And yet You show off Your grace and come take away the fear
No matter if you was once a Jezebel or king
His love, endure it forever
So put your problems on the cross
And make Jaja your boss
And then receive Him in a soul just like a sheep that was lost
Or a coin that was tossed
Or a leper that’s washed
Jesus is the truth and the way


[Bridge: BenJah & Dillavou]
It’s like ay, ay, ay
Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, ay
Ay, ay, ay
Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, ay

[Verse 4: Gems]
Between, Satan lies to us
Man’s full of pride and lust
In Christ we trust
Crucified and died for us
No better sacrifice
Death is never satisfied
Like the eyes of man
Still I will stand
Under His mighty hand
While the unwisest man
Buys his land
Without counting the cost
Our nation is bounded in loss
Salvation is found in the cross

[Verse 5: Jahaziel]
I ain’t saying that I’m holy enough
I’m only standing cause His holy hands are holding me up
Yeah bruv
God loves me and I know that He must
Cause that man up on the cross was supposed to be us
But God had His Son broken and crushed
So that we could be forgiven if we hope and trust in Him
No more willin’ sinnin’, no more lust
I’m livin’ for the only King whose holy and just


[Bridge: BenJah & Dillavou]
It’s like ay, ay, ay
Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, ay
Ay, ay, ay
Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, ay
[Bridge: BenJah & Dillavou]
Ay, ay, ay
Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, ay
Ay, ay, ay
Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, ay

[Instrumental Outro]


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