DJ Spinking – Adult Swim Lyrics

[Hook – Velous:]
I can never pass up, lay it down
Long backstrokes in the middle of your ocean1
I’mma need that ass up, face down
If I get in, then I just might drown2
Slippin’ and Slidin’
Slippin’ and Slidin’
I could swim in it all night and
Slippin’ and Slidin’ it in
I just slip in then I slide in
I just slip in then I slide in3

Dumb bitch, do your dumb dance
Like Juicy J said “They ain’t usin’ hands”4
It’s halftime, got hella bands
Even white girls with spray tans5
Yeah, let me see it
Yeah, I like it when you bend over bitch6
For a real nigga, I’m a big tipper
You ain’t gotta be a stripper
I politic and she with it7
I ain’t trippin’ to hit it
Titties, hundreds and fifties
Turning up in your city8
Later she leaving with me
Now you see me, I’m…


[A$AP Ferg:]
Pussy juice on my clothes, bitch
Don’t fall in that hole9
Fergy got that pussy thuggin’
Man I’m Garfield on these hoes10
I got that pussy talking like meow meow meow11
Then bust that pussy open like (pow pow)12
Lemme put it down
Hit it from the back girl don’t make a sound13
New boys shots, still make it bounce
Walk in the strip club so unannounced
With a brick of money hit her with a thou14 (owwww)
I laid it down let Pacquiao
Hit it so hard bitch threw in the towel15
Twerk it now to my style
Watch them titties through your blouse
Move that kitty up and down
I be really in them clouds16
Smoke that pussy like some loud
Shake it make your daddy proud
Never shake it for them clowns
Unless they put that money down17
Watch that pussy shake around
Pop that pussy for a real nigga
Pop that pussy for me
Pop that pussy for a real nigga
Give me that pussy like A$AP


Uh, lights up and I’m feeling hella cocky
I’m from the bottom tryna get some topy18
Diamonds got a mami screaming “Hello papi”19
Said she put in work and need it hella obvi
Bust it, bust it, she get hella sloppy20
I just hate it in the moments I can’t put on IG
I noticed that your man is trippin’ but really that is not me
But if I wasn’t me then who the hell would I be?
Cameras rolling we should make a scene or two21
Slip and sliding got me thinking “What would Trina do?”
She seen you staring at me, got me feeling
Like Ray Allen we get them hoes in 3’s
How we in the thug Cabana at La Paz in LV22
Swimming your ocean all night, might as well go overseas
Is you rolling? Know I really roll, row with me
Spinking go get all them hoes they comin’ home with me23



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