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Across the prairie on a streak of rust
There`s something moving in a cloud of dust
It crawls into the valley with a wheeze and whine
It`s the two o`clock flyer on the Dummy Line

Riding on the Dummy, on the Dummy Line
Rain or shine, I`ll pay my fine
Rain or shine I`ll pay my fine
Riding on the Dummy, on the Dummy Line

I saw a snail go whizzing past
A guy said, my, this train is going fast
Said I, Old man, that may be true
But the question is, What`s it fastened to?

I said to the brakeman, can`t you speed up a bit?
Said he, You can walk, if you don`t like it
Said I, Old man, I`d take your dare
But the folks don`t expect me till the train gets there

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