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TIMMY THOMAS Dying Inside To Hold You Lyrics
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It`s turning out just another day
I took a shower and I went on my way
I stopped there as usual
had a coffee and pie
when i turned to leave
i couldn`t believe my eyes

standing there i didn`t know what to say
without one touch
we stood there face to face

(And) i was dying indside to hold you
i couldn`t believe what i felt for you
dying inside i was dying inside
but i couldn`t bring myself to touch you

you said hello then u asked my name
i didn`t know if i should go all the way
inside i felt my life have really changed
i knew that it would never be the same

standing there i didn`t know what to say
first time looked away when i whispered your name

Chorus 2x

one hello changed my life
i didn`t believe in love at first sight
but you`ve shown me what is life
and I now i know my love (i know it`s coming right)

Chorus (fade)

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