E-40 – Choices Lyrics

[Verse 1:]
Ever told on a nigga? (nope)1
Ever squeezed a trigger? (yup)2
Ever set a nigga up? (nope)3
Ever helped a brother out when he was down on his luck? (yup)4
You a sap? (nope)
You a boss player, you a mack? (yup)5
Let me hold a couple dollars (nope)
Y’all still be poppin’ y’all collars? (yup)6
Stock rims on a scraper (nope)
Paint wetter than a lake (yup)7
Poodle in my blood (nope)
Bitch, I’m a thug (yup)8
You a loser? (nope), Winner? (yup)
Starving? (nope), Dinner? (yup)9
You still sell dope? (nope)
Now you cleaner than a bar of Dove soap? (yup)10
Got a little gouda? (nope)
Got a thumper, got a Ruger? (yup)
You in love with’ the ho? (nope)
She bringin’ you the dough? (yup)11
You gon’ cry if she leave? (nope)
You gon’ fly overseas? (yup)12

Everybody get choices
I choose to get money, I’m stuck to this bread13
Everybody got choices
These bitches is choosin’, I’m all in they head14
Everybody got choices
Keep it 1 thou, I’da liked it, I chose
Everybody got choices
These niggas be hatin’, I already know
But I never go broke (no, no, no)15
I’m a stay gettin’ money (yeah, yeah, yeah)
And I ain’t gotta sell my soul (no, no, no)16
I’m a stay gettin’ money (yeah, yeah, yeah)
If you broke, you ain’t like me (no, no, no)
I’m a stay gettin’ money (yeah, yeah, yeah)
I give a fuck if you don’t like me (no, no, no)
I’m a stay gettin’ money (yeah, yeah, yeah)17

[Verse 2:]
Ugh, lazy? (nope)
Got dick that’ll drive a ho crazy? (yup)18
Hater? (nope), Wanna see a player get paper?
Traitor? (nope), Loyal to my soil, not a faker? (yup)19
Sleep? (nope), Bust moves, hella active in the streets? (yup)20
Scared of the dark? (nope)
Have money, have heart? (yup)21
Narc? (nope), Shark? (yup)
Gossip like a broad? (nope)
Check a bitch like a smog? (yup)
Slippin’? (nope), Trippin’? (yup)
Sober as a gopher? (nope)
Higher than a rollercoaster? (yup)22
Star Wars? (nope), Yoda? (yup)
Never leave the house without my strap (nope)
Shoot a muthafucka in his nap (yup)23
Never been a sucka or a pussy (nope)
Blowin’ cookie, never coughin’ like a rookie (yup)24


[Verse 3:]
Was it love at first sight? (nope)
Did she ride you like a bike? (yup)25
Was it ripe? (nope), Was her pussy tight? (yup)26
Got some property? (nope), Drive a Maserati? (yup)
You softer than a sock? (nope)
You solid as a rock? (yup)27
Slow? (nope), Trained to go? (yup)
Your team weak? (nope)
You respected in the stree-neets? (yup)
Shallow? (nope), Dineat? (yup)
Broke? (nope), Chineat? (yup)
Not a BB or a pellet gun (nope)
But a long barrel base drum (yup)
If I get into it will run (nope)
I’m a give a nigga fair one (yup)
Still live in the trap? (nope) You ever go back? (yup)28
Wear a wire and a camera? (nope) Ears to the scanner? (yup)29


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