Eazy E Black Nigga Killa song lyrics

E EAZY Eazy E Black Nigga Killa Lyrics
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(Chorus X4)
Black niggaaaaaaaaaa
Killa killa killa killa

Black nigga killa hate brought death
Around the block as I holler points bust though the punks back
Raising gang, feel no pain, as I penetrate
Niggas fly deep as I strike a quick pace
I got the evil of a dead nigga trapped in my mind
So my soul is a threat to my mankind
Born to kill I`m wicked by nature
Cause the streets of my neighborhood breath young hell razors
I`m 30 odd 6 with the skill
I make a skinhead brain bust all across the West Coast
Motherfuckers catchin heat
As I bring anger
And release more danger from my chamber
The evil in my blood is possessed
So I creep low from the back slow and puts led in that nigga`s flesh
Ain`t no hope, every nigga wants to be the nine milla on the trigga
The black nigga killa

(Chorus X4)

Deep from the death as I crept
I can feel his glock in the back of my neck
I`m thinkin to myself what the fuck as I pause
I can feel my heart thumpin from my balls
Up against his gun what the fuck could I do?
If I make a wrong move, the nigga might shoot
My pops always warned me when I was comin up
If I play pussy, I`m bound to get fucked
Though bein broke as hell it be drivin me crazy
Hooked up with my niggas start jackin niggas daily
Fat sacks of dirt, to Dayton`s, I got em
Slang em dirt cheap cause everything was profit
Now I got his nine on the back of my mind
As I watch my life pass right before my eyes
The shit that I done, is all in my face
Reflections of death as I step with my 38
The black nigga killa

(Chorus X4)

Which bitch made the statement?
About the nigga bustin caps supportin all black Ben Davis
I`m out the doe
My pager`s blowin up I check my ghat twice
Cause niggas like to jack on a late night
And as I`m livin like a criminal
I try my best to keep my gang tight and stay away from punk niggas
Strikin down Broadway
I caught some niggas out of bounds from the (pause) upper MLK
Slowly crept from the cut at a quick pace
Ain`t no love in my heart all I feel is hate
So 25 with that L might be mando
Cause nigga I`m killin for them gold things with that Zapco
I watch the terror in eyes as he backed up
Ease of the break pop that clutch and watch his chest bust
Wide open as I bounce in the night quicker
From the nine milla trigga
The black nigga killa

(Chorus X10)

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