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THE PARTRIDGE FAMILY Echo Valley 26809 Lyrics
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We grew up together with ferris wheels and sunshine laughter
a rainbow love that lasted after the rain

Now we`re separated and I`ve become a lonely runner
and when I rest, I hurt and I wonder if I`ll ever see you again


Echo Valley 2-6809
I used to call that number all the time
But the last time that I called you
we hung up cryin`

Echo Valley 2-6809
I can see it clearly in my mind
But I`m scared to call `cause it`s been
such a long, long time

Never been much for writin`, `cause what do you say to a dream that`s dyin`
a fragile lifeline that`s untyin`, oh no - oh, no

I can`t face the sunrise - lightin` up a road to nowhere
where you are - I have to go there - are you waitin` - I`ve got to know


Echo Valley 2-6809
I gotta call that number one more time
`Cause I`ve just got to know if you`re still mine

Spoken: `Hello, operator? Get me Echo Valley 2-6809`
Operator: `You have reached a disconnected number`


Echo Valley 2-6809
I shoulda called that number
Echo Valley 2-6809
I shoulda called that number



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