Element – Relentless Lyrics

Verse 1 [Element]
I stay relentless to your defenses
Pretentiousness is defenseless
That kill list is an immense list
But the ones unmarked are endless
I got a pen listed as a weapon
And this track right here is the setting
Preventing your conception
I got your whole convention fenced in
Never resting staying up all night tryna write what’ll surely make a head spin
But the people don’t feel cuz I’m unimpressed with obsessing over monetary pensions
And possessions I don’t focus on I turned my motives on to possessing
People over my age and below to follow what I’m offering inside of my lessons
So fuck the worth of them green notes
Fuck rapping ‘bout weed smoke
I know you’re big on the TV and you don’t even see me but I got the remote
I can mute the volume, turn it off
I can’t make the people unlearn the songs
But up against me you’re just hitting yourself with no results like you’re tryna fucking jerk it soft
I gotta hit em with the syllables ripping just like an animal till I don’t even know what fucking word I’m on
Slaughtering the defense like I’m Michael Vick and to you and your dawgs, man, I murdered y’all
Word to all you know I got the heat and I won’t hesitate for a second just to turn it on
I don’t need the money for a new wardrobe, cuz I don’t even have a single fucking shirt that’s on
[Chorus: Big Bruce]
[Verse 2: Element]
Second verse just the first but reversed
Dispersing these words to the person that works
To the person that’s thoroughly discerned from the perks
Of a desk job office his earnings are burnt
He’s a casualty of these damaging taxes attacking his family
Calamity so you don’t have a real reason to be mad at me
When I rap like this cuz I’m anti-pissed on
You’re the tit that I latch my lips on
Every time you fuck up big I’ma suck that tit till the milk in it’s gone
You don’t stand a chance of advancing after the fact when I’ve written this song
New World padawan add it on to the past accomplishments my force is strong
I’ve become a little numb to my senses
Rapping like I’m senseless never did I mention
A pension material possessions just blessed with the best gift that could’ve been from the heavens
I ain’t never been much of a reverend
Never much reverence towards the seven
Never thought about heavenly ascension
Or transported to a hellish dimension
I just know I’m a little demented
With no mention to when I try to blend in
As a legendary penman with pens as his weapons
Start some shit and I’ll end it
When I call em’ out I got a million rappers tryna come back in and seek their redemption
But they fail to realize that Element’s a motherfucking beast and I’m staying RELENTLESS
[Chorus: Big Bruce]
[Outro: Element]
I stay relentless as fuck! Ain’t no stopping me motherfucker! You crazy? This is Element. This is NewWorld. Qday. Traore. Richie. Can’t even fuck widdit!
Put some respek on it


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