The Marc Tanner Band Elena Lyrics
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Well, the stars were singing,
That night in the city,
When I first laid eyes on you.

You appeared like a vision,
Apart from the rhythm,
That lives on the avenue.

Oh, my heart was afire,
Alive with desire.
I felt it burn under my skin.

And right there I wondered,
If this was the thunder,
Of romance about to begin.

Lightning struck,
But I felt no pain.
I stood there laughing
In the pouring rain.

And to whisper your name...

Elena, my love.
You bring out the stars up above.
Come closer Elena,
And take all my love.
[End chorus]

Yeah, in the cool of an evening,
I found the meaning of love,
In your arms.

You held me so tight,
As we laid in the midnight,
I fell in the spell of your charms.

But the night birds were callin',
As if they were warnin',
And later was only a dream.

'Cause that night in the city,
The sirens stop singin',
And that's when she comes back to me.

Lightning strikes and I feel no pain.
I stand here laughin' in the pourin' rain.
Whisper your name...


I wasn't lookin' for a lover,
But you were apart from the others.
Won't you lay down,
And sit by my side.

Ahhh yeah...

[Chorus] 4x

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The Marc Tanner Band Lyrics for Elena