Elijah Blake – Strange Fruit Lyrics

We’ve been talkin’ too long1
So baby what is you on2
You say you got a man home3
But he can’t fight what he don’t know4

[Pre-Hook 1:]
If you ’bout it
I be over there tonight5
You can ride it6
And I’mma make love till’ your mind
While I’m fuckin’ you tonight7

[Pre-Hook 2 x2:]
I’m talkin’ ’bout you and me
A little time and some privacy8
Gettin’ up on that late night creep9
But tell nobody what we do
When we off on that strange fruit10

(Strange Fruit)
That strange fruit
(Strange Fruit)
That strange fruit
(Strange Fruit)

Liquor got my mind gone11
But I’m right where I belong
In your dirty thoughts I find home12
That’s the shit that I know13

[Pre-Hook 1]

[Pre-Hook 2 x2]

[Hook x2]14


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