Erica Campbell – Help Lyrics

Oh, hands up high
E.C., Lecrae1

I confess S.O.S.2 I need ya3 daily
I can’t lie see the pain don’t phase me
My God who gon’ help these babies4

Help, help Lord I need your help5

My, my, my

I been in the fire6 so long
I can’t get burned no mo’7
I thought you was puttin’ out the flame
But it was rain from the storm8
Thoughts all in my head
Makin’ me stressed
All day long
They won’t let me rest9
“S” on my chest10
I ain’t that strong

I need a life line11 right now
91112 won’t do
My back’s against the wall now
I’ve done all that I can do13
I prayed every prayer
Went to every service14
Like I know how
Just a ship without a sail15
I’m lost without your help16

I need help
Oh Lord I need your help
Whoa ooh Lord

Said I do but to tell the truth
Sometimes I don’t17
But it ain’t about my will
It’s all about what you want18
Your family19 used to be first
Things getting worse
In my home
My brother is hurt20
We need a word
It’s too far gone21

I need a life line right now
911 won’t do
My back’s against the wall now
Done all that I could do
I prayed every prayer
Went to every service
Like I know how
Just a ship without a sail
I’m lost without your help

Lord it’s me this time
Said I’m cryin’ all day
I just can’t make it if I don’t have your (help)22
Whoa said I really need

Dear Lord I need a little help now see
I feel left out
I can’t tell my right from my left now23
My mama’s cryin’ ’cause my daddy’s dyin’
He got pains all in his chest now
My daughter’s having these nightmares
I might be wrong but I’m right here24
I’m tryin’ a hold on but my hands hurt
Or the ropes out ’cause when life fights it don’t fight fair
So I’m leaning all on these ropes now
I got hope but it’s slow now25
So I’m leaning all on these quotes now26
Like never leave me
Won’t forsake me
If you don’t help me
I don’t make it27

Said you’d never leave me
So come on Jesus28
Lord yeah
Lord yeah
Does anybody need the Lord?
I can’t make it without you Lord, oh,29
Somebody laying in the hospital now
Need you to make it alright30
God I just lost my daddy,31
I need
Yes I need
Oh, yes I need
Yeah, yeah, yeah32


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