Etta James Steal Away lyrics

JAMES ETTA Etta James Steal Away Lyrics
Ooh, I gotta see you somehow
Not tomorrow, but right now
I know its late, but honey don't make me wait
So come on, baby, steal away
Oh let's steal away

Don`t make me start thinking
?cause I might change my mind
My folks are sleeping
so please don't waste no time
I know it`s late but please don't make me wait
So come on steal away
Please let's steal away

I know its wrong, it's wrong needing you this way
But there`s no other way I can be with you
If only my folks, if only my folks they would approve
Things like this we wouldn`t have to do

Ooh I won`t tell, I won't tell anybody else
I'm gonna keep it, I`ll keep it to myself
I know its late, but oh don't make me wait
So come on and steal away
Oh I'm asking you to steal away

Because I need you, I need you by my side
Oh I need you baby, I need you to be my guy
Let's steal away right now

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