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Baby, no matter what I`m doin`

You know I`d rather be home with you

And honey, doin` all the things wit cha

All the things that you like to do

Like washin` your hair an` paintin` your nails

All the things that your ex-man wouldn`t do

Baby no I can`t wait to get home to you


That`s why baby

Everything I do

You know I do it for you

Everything I say is true

We been together so long

All the crazy things that we been through

Baby you know everything I do

I do them for you

You don`t hear me through

I said everything I do

I do them for you

Now baby

You know it gets so difficult

To get out of bed with you

To go to my nine to five

It`s the only place I feel alive wit cha

And to know that you`re somewhere waitin` for me

I know that you`re more than enough for me

I can`t wait baby `cause I know what you got for me


What kind of fool would I be

If I didn`t give my all to you

And tell me

Where would I be if I couldn`t lay next to you

But if I know that you`re down for me

Then I know that everything is alright

And by the time I get home to you

I`m gonna lay a blockbuster on you tonight


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