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Listen girl, I don't know where to start
Cause every word I say is straight from the heart
I've been so wrong, I've never meant to hurt you
Oh girl, I'm sorry of what I put you through
Girl I'd do anything for one more chance,
Cause I want you back again

Cause every time I close my eyes,I see your face and I wonder
When you close your eyes do you think about me?
Now I realize and I want you girl and no other
And every time I close my eyes
You're all that I see.

You and I we shared enough together
Each other was all we'd ever need
I thought that you would stay with me forever
But I took for granted the love you gave to me
But I'll keep on trying, till the end
Baby I need you back with me
I need you back,


And girl I'm going out of my mind
I miss ya so much, I don't know what to do
Please say its just a matter of time,
Until I feel your touch,
Until you let me come back to you

I think about you girl every time at night
I'm in love, and it feels so right
I never meant to hurt you or cause you pain
I was just caught up in the lying game
But now those days are over, I've changed my ways
Now I'm counting the minutes, I'm counting the days
Until you let me come back,
Until you let me start
To find a new way to get back into your heart.


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BACKSTREET BOYS Lyrics for Everytime I Close My Eyes