Executive Thugfeat Slay Sean Short Circuit lyrics

SILKK THE SHOCKER Executive Thugfeat Slay Sean Short Circuit Lyrics
What you think
Man, I don`t fuck with them (ha-ha)
No Limit (uh-huh)
Ya heard me
Ghetto nigga
Watch how I spit this shit
I don`t know what I`ma do next
Until then, watch me - watch me, watch me

Executive thug look when I`m done
If last year I was on 20`s
This year I`m on 21`s
Niggas talk but huh we got plenty guns
Give niggas a choice now they can catch it from anyone
I ? I don`t like niggas unless it`s jail
I don`t pass out nothin` look unless it`s shells
Send niggas to the ? the rest to hell
And I don`t box slim dog slim I`m less than frail
Everything we rock look is customized
And shorty gon` be sprung soon as I touch them thighs
You ask too many questions like dude like what`s and why`s
What the fuck we buy and what the fuck we drive
We just stay in the pits
Like stay in the mix
Stay into shit
Stay in a 6
Stay in the bricks
Just cause we got money dog
We still slick with it
Never say how it get done
We just get it did
They`ll little deal or somethin` but that ain`t nothin`
Spend a little change but look that ain`t money
Niggas laugh but I`m like that ain`t funny
What you call them lil` huh if that ain`t dummies
I represent niggas in the hood that`s boxed up
All my niggas doin` time
All of `em locked up
The big ones are the ones that a lil` thin
The ones that`s doin` reps of 10 jackin` off to Lil` Kim
No Limit beef nigga
No Limit street
No Limit west nigga
No Limit east

[Slay Sean]
I spit fire
You know hot shit melt the wire
Off yo chain
Get it right it`s not a game
I`m not the talkin` type
I throw slugs to the brain
Run up in spots
Make `em point out the cain
Go outta town hustle
Switch up the slang
Down South with Silkk and Circuit just doin` it man
Puttin` in work
Come on son you bound to get hurt
I`m on some other shit
I roll around in a hurse
Run up on ya
Put a couple rounds in yo shirt
Undertaker leave you face down in the dirt
A frown and a smirk
Shit I`ll put you down when it`s worth
That goes for anybody walkin` on the face of this earth

[Short Circuit]
Think the audio tight wait till y`all see the video
Y`all gon` need a telescope to see us niggas with dough
I done copped dope with prison dough and locked the block
Till the cops came with glocks and tried to rock my spot
Anything I see I want I cop don`t talk to the cops
40 grand on a drop-top right off of the lot
Want what I got make a nigga ? blocks
On the block in the spot with razors cuttin` down blocks
They gon` catch me with a glock somebody`s socks get rocked
I ain`t dealin` on the rock I`ma have to be shot
Shot and dropped any way my gun get to pop
I`ma be on night watch bangin` out with the cops

I get paid look every time I cuss
Speak the truth every time I bust
Niggas still talkin`
I ain`t got time to fuss
When I come through you ain`t got time to duck
I`m a thug
Everything about me says that
Been real even way back
Only spit the truth dog
I only look to state facts
You still talkin` (bbrrddd)
Take that
I told you this time look I`ma lock the summer
I`ma roll through NY and rock the Tunnel
Look hop out the Benz
Hop into a Hummer
What the fuck I`m doin` it for look if not for money
Always been real
Never been fake
Always been a playa
Ain`t never gon` hate
Concert ? tour like 70 a day
I was cool with 6
But now I`m more like 7 or 8

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