Father – Why Can’t I Cry $$$ Lyrics

[Verse: Father]
Out of her skirt, dancing on mirrors, into her nostrils1
She plottin’ on fossil because of the way i’m spreadin’ my gospel
Hella apostles, bitch who trying to stop me
Judas with ruger can’t even come pop me
I hope that these niggas don’t try to 2Pac me
The only one scared about being too poppin
But no other option, being broke not an option
I’d rather get rope and then climb to the top
Then jump the fuck off and then kill myself
You know what the fuck i’m saying
Fuck that shit
Get this dough
Fuck that bitch
Wrist done froze
Broke my wrist
Tryna fist fuck a bitch
I need flight, fee, hotel now
Don’t like me, o well now
You should have held me down
Now i’m just gonna watch you drown
I’m back on clear boy fuck the brown
Yeah i feel fantastic
Shorty says she so elastic
Nasty, ass thick, doll face, plastic
She can’t fathom how i split her atoms
Leave her soaking wet, jerkin’, hurtin’, having spasms
A cataclysm when a nigga hit
Cryptic, my tongue you can’t decipher shit
I’m whippin’, i’m whippin’, pneumonia my wrist
Walk right in your shit, give no fuck about your list
Cause i need a check
Young hot ebony and pale brunette
You can miss me with that shit bout who next
While i flex, flex, flex, flex, flex, flex

Why i can’t i cry $$$ instead of tears
Ride around in brand new gear
Hella ammo, no more fear
Why can’t i cry $$$ instead of tears
So much white so much clear
I could never have career
Why can’t i cry $$$ instead of tears

[Outro: Father]
Alize, black gold
Pussy lips, black hole
Young nigga, black goals


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