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I need you now
But you`re nowhere to be found
And I don`t know which way to turn

You`re so far away
Too far to say
Today be strong
Tomorrow will belong
To the ones who`ll stand for the

I need advice
Must my heart be cold as ice
Will the people follow me


It`s true that since you`re gone
Since your royal tomb`s been sealed
Another spirit`s been revealed
One who challenges our every god
Now there`s a greater will
Raining fire from the skies
Even my baby boy has died
Tell me you hear me

I need you now
They say that every knee must bow
But you never taught me how


Standing up against all odds
Could the voice of destiny
Speak through Moses set my people free
Or will we rule and reign forever
Now the slightest chance
Has taken root inside my hands
And I must do as he commands
And send his people

Take them all
Father and son are gone
Everyone`s gone

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