Florence + The Machine – St Jude Lyrics

Another conversation with no destination1
Another battle; never won
And each side is a loser2
So who cares who fired the gun?3

And I’m learning, so I’m leaving4
And even though I’m grieving
I’m trying to find the meaning5
Let loss reveal it6
Let loss reveal it

St. Jude, the patron saint7 of the lost causes
St. Jude, we were lost before she started8
St. Jude, we lay in bed as she whipped around us
St. Jude, maybe I’ve always been more comfortable in chaos9

And I was on the island and you were there too
But somehow through the storm I couldn’t get to you10
St. Jude; somehow she knew
And she came to give her blessing while causing devastation11
And I couldn’t keep my mouth shut, I just had to mention
Grabbing your attention12


St. Jude
St. Jude
St. Jude
St. Jude

[Pre-Chorus x2]13


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