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f/ Bettye Sterling


Ha ha, 2000 and 1

Z-Ro the motherfucking Mo City Don

Getting off my chest, know I`m saying

Cut these all the way off people, feel me

Yeah, this how it go, fa sho


Ten, nine, eight, seven, six, five, fo`

I`ma come down, it`s your partna Z-Ro

Never been a hoe, never been a broad

Every night `fore I go to sleep, I gotta talk to God

One time, gotta keep it real

Got gold and diamonds in my grill

I`m for real, doing it like a song

Bleeding on the boulevard, all day long

Gots to get paid, in this damn rap game

Gotta get my feddy, gotta get my change

Me and my partna P-Roy, doing it every day in the struggle

Hold up my nigga, one day we gon bubble

Nigga we`ll shine, we gon put it down

I`ma pimp my motherfucking pen, one time

Hold up, nothing but syrup in my cup

Riding on tre buck, and I don`t give a fuck

About the law, nigga fuck the FED

I`m up in the game, just to stack a big head

Family getting fed, me and my wife wed

I`ma come down, I`m a Southiside vet

[Hook: Bettye Sterling]

Hold it down, like the sun we`re gonna shine

And let it all swing out, I ride with Southside

Hold it down, like the sun we`re gonna shine

And let it all swing out, I ride for Southside


Like a drama bull, plus I got pull

When you see me on the damn scene, you know I`m fool

Popping handle bars, popping a X

I don`t give a fuck, it`s feeling warm in my chest

And I hope that God bless me, to get a platinum plack

Ain`t no turning back, once I get the stack

Once I ain`t cutting no slack, up in the game

Said it one time, now everybody know my name

Hollin` Ro, do another show

Wanted me to swang down, on another 4

Charge twenty grand, for a show

Plus, I want half of the do`

In this rap game, to get all the do`

I`ma come down, I got my shine on glow

Hollin` at the Big Steve, Mafio

R.I.P., to the Fat Pat though

[Hook: Bettye Sterling]


Hold up, cause we balling

See us coming down looking good, and we crawling

Ain`t falling, I ain`t stalling

Coming down outta town, birds I`m hauling

To get paid, nigga I got my family on my mind

I`ma put it down, that`s why I`ma shine

All in they face, like a motherfucking moon

A star, a sun and my uzi weigh a ton

Sitting in the microphone booth, going off

Working with the hard, working with the soft

In the motherfucking game, stacking my change

I`m in the motherfucking zone mayn

On my motherfucking block, it go down

I`m the thoedest and the coldest, nigga there is in H-Town

Know I`m saying, I ain`t playing, steady spraying

[Hook: Bettye Sterling - 3x]

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