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RIVERS BOB Frosty The Pervert Lyrics
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Frosty the pervert
in a trench coat he did go
to a the school yard to expose his dick and balls made of snow

frosty the pervert
all the kids he liked to watch
his dick did grow when he packed snow
on his cold and icy crotch

there must have must have been some magic
when he stroked his frozen meat
cause frosty started moaning loud
and it began to sleet

frosty the pervert
was as glad as he could get
he threw away his corn cob pipe
and lit a ciggerette

frosty the pervert
didnt want to go to jail
he began to run
while dripping cum
and the cops picked up his trail

down to the village
his dick melting in his hand
running here and there
all around the square

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