Future – News Or Something Lyrics

[Verse 1:]
Bright light shining all bright on the Bentley1
Work the Cadilac, panoramic, no panties2
Old school Chevy 55 granddaddy
Gotta throw some salt on it, cause you know I’m getting at it
Throw the fork on it, then put it in traffic3
Throw the sauce on it, got it flying out of Dallas
Hope you didn’t do it to yourself, that’s tragic
Hope you didn’t do it but the way we established
Hope you wouldn’t turn your back on your family4
The way a nigga look round here, they a backstab you
Word from your motherfucking brother, young nigga5
I just wanna see you happy, I just wanna see you happy
Coming through the cut like an known grim reaper
Bout to get straight finnesed, trynna get a little cheaper
Hold on to that clip6 like a doped up needle
Girl hang on that strip with a four desert nigga

Nothing but a bad little bitch in some red bottoms
Where ya’ man at? Heard that the feds got em7
I see ya crew still laying repping thru the West side go, go
Legs to the tech, yea peripheral
It’s a full moon in the middle of the day8
Got them Wolves out, rock a little cartier
Got the trap jammed packed like The Masquerade
Know a few real ones ain’t gon’ see they next birthday9
Tell them young niggas grind
Before you gon knock someone down
And they gon shoot, then shoot something10
We better hear bout this shit on the news or something
We better hear bout this shit on the news or something11
Man down over yonder
Young man came through holding on the K like a drummer
They done took a boss out nigga, no wonder
Niggas getting crossed out12 nigga, no wonder
Hoes getting X’d out and we on ganja13
The police wanna talk, but we won’t say nothing
True to these clips, niggas won’t say nothing
True to these clips, niggas won’t say nothing14

[Verse 2:]
Had the parkay jumping out the Pyrex
High definition glass on my pinky finger
Niggas swimming in the water, no powder
Niggas trying to walk with my shadow15
The bird on the bezel, I’m a well known rapper
Told a young nigga Freeband, Roc A Fella16
Told a young nigga Freeband, Roc A Fella
You can turn this off17 and I can kick it acapella
We work the frontstreet where mama said don’t go
We went there18
Trap house at bomb with that crack, then we went there19
Shawty don’t fuck with these fo seeds
Niggas be telling these days, be telling these days20



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