Futuristic – Don’t Remix Lyrics

Yo yo yo what’s up, it’s ya boy Futuristic. I am in New York city, about to do this Don’t remix at this Air bnb. Sheesh!

[Verse 1]
Yo, why you give that man attention, he ain’t even worthy
He a player, somebody go find his ass a jersey
You can uber to my place, you ain’t even gotta stay till the sun up
I can drop you off a lil early
I know he tripping, girl he better stop
I can give you everything that you ain’t never got
All them texts, they been ending in emojis
You been winking at me so much, I’ma change your name to Fetty Wap
Come over, get to grinding like you Tony Hawk
You know this ain’t my only spot
So leave him, I can fly you there
Have you in the nicest pair
Everything designer there
Ignore your phone, he blow you up
Oh well to me [?] I would care
Yo, I think I know what you might need
You should do the right thing like Spike Lee
Tell him why you gotta act like that, Tyrese
Then let me put it in deep, IV
Don’t waste time, with me it’s a great time
For you I would make time, hate the fact you ain’t mine
Grab you on your waistline
I’ma score like Jordan going baseline
With me you can loose yourself, 8 mile
Ain’t no debate, I know that you don’t want to stay
You running the triangle offense, and I don’t want to play
Honestly, I don’t got no time for another lay
He go’n want you back, just tell him save that for another day


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