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CARL THOMAS Giving You All My Love Lyrics
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I just wanna hold you in my arms
Oh oh oh yeah
All alone by the phone
Waiting on you to call on a busy weekend
Tell me have I seen when I stayed around
Around the town waiting on you to tell me what to do
Cuz I`m happy being with you

1 Touching you holding you
Is all I really wanna do
Day and night I just can`t get enough
I want you more and really need
For you to just believe in me
And I`ll be giving you all of my love
It`s just a wish on my mind
Hoping you`d have the time
When I wanna see you
For something to hold on to
If love is just a silly game
Then I`m a fool that sang for loving you
Still I feel you don`t have nothing to prove
Repeat 1
Maybe on tomorrow
I can show you years tomorrow
If you let me, baby we`ll see
And we can get together
We can try to blend forever holding tightly
Then baby we can do what we want to
Repeat 1
Repeat 1

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