GoldLink – Dance On Me Lyrics

Verse 1]
Yeah, yeah, yeah
Dance on me, dance on me
Break your back baby, just dance on me1
Brought your heels to the party
Ain’t here to hurt nobody2
I’mma old soul and I rap gold3
And I got scooped in a ‘rari4
But I’m a bad boy and you know
There’s no boyfriends allowed to the party5
Dick game vicious, demolition [?] with a vengeance6
Fake fat ass with extensions
God damn pimpin’, any other nigga wanna hit this7
He goin’ have to pay for them titty tig ole’ bitties8
Yes Lord, can a young nigga hit that?
Can a young nigga do somethin’ better [?]9
I was trapping just to get that dough
Shit this cool, and you so fine
You so fine I eat behind, between yo’ legs10
In those jeans, take those off, now watch you spread
You so special and so pink, slightly hairy and don’t stink11
Lord I thank you for this good food that I’m happy to receive
She got that

You know I want you baby, don’t
Ain’t no one else above you baby, I know
I swear, I swear12
Baby I need ya, I want ya
Baby I need ya, and I want ya
Baby I got it, come get it
Baby I got it, come get it13
Baby I got it, come get it
Baby I got it, come get it

[Verse 2]
Mayne, fuck wit’ a nigga like me and shit
I’ll make nigga bow on his knees and shit
While I please his bitch, while I cock the 5th14
And I take her ass out, go to Saks and Fifth15
And I hit my lil nigga, so I get it for the low16
And my youngest lil nigga, gettin’ back up in a ho17
Better gettin’ money and bein’ an asshole, they can sleep
Motherfuckas’ ain’t goin’ pay me for my doe18
Mayne fuck that shit
Rush that nigga, while I rush that bitch too
I don’t give a fuck about you19
But I do what I see and I do when I feel what that mouth do
I’m a crazy nigga, I’mma start a fire like pay me nigga20
I neva’ hesitate to straight pump fake
And I might go and just tase me a nigga
Okay my nigga? So pay me nigga


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