GoldLink – Zipporah Lyrics

Didn’t I tell you to get your tail up out of that bed
And get ready to go to church
You can’t lay there and sleep all day
You gotta go to church!

[Verse 1]
What’s under God in America?
Why the fuck is we here?
Why you tell me go back where I’m from
When you drag me here?

Why our fathers be gone
Why our fathers forsake us
Why our mothers so strong
And told my momma I’ll kill you

I never cry, but I realize what we were missing
My momma had a nigga on edge (?)
Started selling the
Fuck the government
Fuck the men, fuck the (?)
Fuck the law
See, you was fucking my girl
Too fucking hungry to care
I started selling mo’
Thinking bout sip
Thinking what I did
Fuck your friend
I started sippin’ on liquor
Couldn’t cope with the changes
We went back to the hood
Started slanging and banging
(?) outside my house
Second time we got raided

Second time we got
Everything was for you

Black and young and a fuck up
And I wanted to prove this to you
That I can be more than a boy
But a father with you
I wish I could change
But god made me this way
So ima just keep faith
And bow my head and just pray
Like yeah..

[Hook (x2)]
Lord, lord, I need your help

[Verse 2]
I was so young and dumb
You was so young and dumb
And I was in the picture
I was gonna pop that nigga

It was gonna be my wife
Brought to a
Tried to make dreams with you
Still, I’m so proud of you

The prettiest of them all
You was gone have it all
You was gone have them all
But you still got them all
Shower you with some flowers
Shower you with some songs
Remember the drama I made

Remember the time that we spent
Remember the time that we missed
Don’t let that happen again
Go find a better man
And make him a better man
Tell him his mother loves him
Just like she used to love me
And blame him the stake for you
Tell him what we’ve been through
So we can go raise a child, like we promised you
We will do..


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