GZA – The Mexican Lyrics

He’s called Fernandez
Living on a gun1

Shot real, conch for practice
Map to the fortune, hidden up under the mattress2
A lead belt, attached ciz and holsters
Waking area, two blaze and toaster
Hit the stage, hopes on stallions3
Looking for federal reserves, notes, gold medallions4
Heavily true by the local governor
Southerner, sought after bought a whole battalion5
Fill out a snake within a hand shake
Get the drop on them then he explained the mistake6
The techman’s gold we show
While the flakes rate to shoot
Wild horses drink from the lake
Deputy say by the badge and the blazo7
Who wanted shot from one to have the aim of a laser8
Trained by a neighbor, a gambler
Who will stack a deck,9 once mars carved with a razor

He’s called Fernandez
Living on a gun
Dreams of Santa Anna10
Fighting the sun11

Drums12 so loud from outside
Makes it hard to dream13
A rain is falling hard and fast
Makes it all seem real14

Morning, come morning
A chico’s gotta have his share
Morning, sad morning
Said he must be there15

It used to move weight
But then it became a grow up
Constrictor boa,16 most center lower
Who operated along the mind of his own
For mostly silver and other shining stones17
A bandit political rebel,18 who move with the group19
Because the levels flashing heavy metals
Clash with the lords, tricker than tis reactions
Hard labor, gave him ocapu contractions20
Lawmen turned to outlaw21
Gunfighter, cattle rustlers, hustlers, rough riders22
Used his connections everything to versual
Cost on social economic circles23

Senorita pining
Chico come on home24
Santa Anna’s losing
You’ll be first to go25

Sam Houston’s laughing
Davy Crockett too26
When Anna takes the Alamo
The first to go is you27

Morning, come morning
A chico’s gotta have his share
Morning, sad morning
Heaven will be there

Morning, sad morning
What a laugh, had a laugh
Ha ha ha ha ha28


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