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YARDBIRDS THE Ha Ha Said The Clown Lyrics
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Ha ha said the clown
Has the king lost his crown,
Is the knight being tight on romance?
Ha ha said the clown,
Is it bringing you down,
That you`ve lost your chance.

Feeling low, gotta go,
See a show in town.
Hear the jokes, have a smoke,
And a laugh at the clown.
In a whirl, see a girl,
With a smile in her eyes.
Never thought I`d be brought,
Right down by her lies.


In a trance, watch her dance,
To the beat of the drums.
Faster now, sweating brow,
I`m all the fingers and thumbs.
Wonder why I hit the sky,
When she blows me a kiss.
In a while run a mile,
I`m regretting all this.


Time to go, close the show,
Wave the people good-bye.
Grab my coat, grab my hat,
Look that girl in the eye.
Where`s your home?
What`s your phone number?
Stop fooling round.
Could have died she replied.
`I`m the wife of the clown`


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