Half Steppin lyrics

MR LUCCI Half Steppin Lyrics
f/ Big Chiefa, Mr. Pookie

(Big Chiefa)
Hold ya tongue
Cuz you might say something I might not like (Uhmm)
And if you do
Then you just might lose your life tonight (Don`t say nothing nigga)
My big brother told me
Never let a nigga fuck me (fuck me)
And if I don`t
He`ll never let a nigga touch me (touch me)
Don`t say nothing
If you really ain`t about no answer (Hold ya tongue nigga)
Cuz where I`m from
We be bout it
Them domes be smashin` (Domes be smashin`)
I`m from West Dallas
Say bra
I`m gon` holla that (I`m gon holla that)
Lil` brotha Lucci and Mr. Pookie
They got my back (Look they got my back)
Ooh Wee
You betta learn who you fuckin` wit (what nigga)
Say bra
You betta hop off in some gangsta shit (Lay it down)
I`m talkin` bout
Ski-maskes (They don`t want none)
And hollow tips (They don`t want none)
4-4`s, (Know ya role nigga)
choppaz wit extended clips
Whoa now
I don`t think you want to fuck wit that
This ain`t no movie
Once you get killed ain`t no comin` back (This ain`t no movie)
So if you ever get tha nerves to disrespect (Any ya`ll)
Disrespect tha Chiefa remember ya disrespectin` the West

Chorus 2X (Big Chiefa)
You niggaz bet not come half steppin`
Cuz we got somethin` that`ll split cha
And watch them hollow points eat cha up
Nigga What
You can`t touch me
So I advise you niggaz
Don`t try to fuck me

(Mr. Pookie)
Now, I`m gon` tell you like this
Betta be mo careful who you roll wit
Cuz I got crook niggaz
You think you know schemin` up on yo shit
Talkin` all that hoe lip
I won`t be leanin` when I confiscate
Hit ya place
Wit a bunch of Crook niggaz while flashin` nickel plates
I see you niggaz half steppin`
Plottin` schemin` watch me think it up
Now all my mark Crook niggaz squeeze and bust
I leave ya crushed
Caught em slippin`
sippin` on yellow tusk
Swelled em up
Cuz in this game
livin` is hell for us
Can`t let em be
Turn tha tables
He`ll do tha same to me
Takin` fleet
And if you live
Say boy ya best tah be
Lucci please
Calm me down `for I let bullets free
Shakin` leaves
And in tha mist of this
We takin` cheese
I make em bleed
Tell ya again boy if I have tah
We comin`
Ya runnin`
I`ma send these hollow tips right at cha
Feel tha wrath of three crook playaz
From tha North and West we holdin`
Keep on wit cha stuntin`
Watch out for tha big ol` bouldaz we throwin`

Chorus 2X

(Mr. Lucci)
Get up out my face
Quit crowdin` my space
Peepin` me from neck to waist
Knowin` you fakaz
Soft as cakaz
Pushin` Lucci tah cop tha case
Who in tha fuck do you think I be?
What in tha hell do you think you see?
If it ain`t treal then it ain`t me
Ain`t nothin` but G`z about my streets
That`s all I know
Clutchin` tha 4-4
And goin` toe foe toe
Straight blow foe blow
Makin` em bleed slow
While us Crooks take control
Me, P-O-O-K-I-E, and Chief
Goin` on a rippin spree
Triple deep
Knockin` these ol` hoe ass nigga right up off they feet
As we speed em up
And heat em up
Hollows steadily eat em up
The ones that`s thinkin` it`s free tah bump
The ones that`s shakin` his feet in tha trunk
Talkin` all that nonsense
Fuck around make me bomb bitch
Unless you want tah see me strong arm shit
Keep thinkin` that I`m harmless
I see em everyday
Actin` like they born tah hate
When I`m blowin` my cake
What tha fuck is goin` tah take
Tah let these niggaz know
I wasn`t born tah play
From tha North of D
It`s Mista
Wig Splitta
Showin` these half steppin` niggaz
I`m serious bout my issues

Chorus 2X

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