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He drives a `57 coupe
Walks with a stoop
Swears James Dean isn`t dead
He`s a dedicated rocker
A real headknocker
Don`t look at his lady again
`Cause if he catches you messin`
He`s gonna teach you a lesson
Don`t let me say it again

Headknocker, headknocker
Comin` on strong, a real showstopper

He might like to fight, oh but boy does he love to play
Ooh, headknocker, headknocker
Ooh, headknocker

He`s got an old fender strat
Plays behind his back
While he sings out Louie, Louie
He`s a backseat mauler
A barroom brawler
I think he`s gonna blacken your eye
If that don`t teach you a lesson
Might show you his Smith & Wesson
Don`t let me say it again

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