Health And Happiness lyrics

WALLFLOWERS Health And Happiness Lyrics
Maybe it`s not
That I don`t care anymore
Maybe I just never did
You can`t say
That I have ever lied
Because I keep the truth well hid
Tell me what`s wrong
Is something wrong?
You can`t be sad
When something you have never had
Suddenly feels gone

I wish you health
I wish happiness
But absolutely nothing else

I`m not here to keep an eye on you
I think you misunderstood
I could make things easy for you
I won`t
But I could
Does that make you sad?
Cause you look sad
You should be glad
For what you`ve had
And don`t feel bad
I could wish less for you

I wish you health
I wish you happiness
But absolutely nothing else

There is no distance here
To get across
There`s nothing to grip

Or get a hold
The emptiness you feel
Is nothing at all
Now nobody broke any bones
It could be worse
Yeah, it can get worse
You`ve got your strength
And you have got your health
You should be worried `bout
Somebody else


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