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ANGIE STONE Heaven Help Lyrics
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There comes a time
To be free of the heart
I wanna be ready, ready to start
On a love journey, I got places to go
Made up my mind that I`ve got to let you know

[1] - Heaven help the heart
That lets me inside
Heaven help the man
Who comes in my life
Heaven help the fool
That walks through my door
Cuz I decided right now
That I`m ready for love

This funny feeling`s coming over me
Now I`m inspired and I`m open to be
In a love place, but it`s out of my hands
I`m telling you baby, you just got to understand

[Repeat 1]

I can`t see what`s out there for me, baby
And I know love offers no guarentee
But I`ll take a chance and I`m telling you something, baby
Gotta let you know

[Repeat 1]

[Adlib until fade]

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