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The night is over
The DJ's 'bout to play a slow jam
I'm waitin' 'bout an hour
For this moment to dance with you
Do you wanna dance with me too

We're hand in hand
We're cheek to cheek
Shoulder to shoulder
I reach around an' grab a little booty
And it feels so good

I just wanna tell you
There's no place
I'd rather be
Than here with you

No need to worry
Just let the music take you over
It's startin' to feel like we're in a movie
'Cause it feels so right
Can I drive you home tonight

And I think that this could be
The beginning of a good thing
I look into your eyes
And they tell me
That you feel like I do


Now that you and I are here together
Let's make the moment last forever
Ain't no way I might be foolin' around (ain't nobody foolin' around)
And oh
I know I might see you next to never
I'm glad I had this time with you tonight


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BRIAN McKNIGHT Lyrics for Here With You