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Mr. Lil' One/lil' Uno High As The Sun Lyrics
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Pre-Chorus: Jah Free
Top down
Ain't no other place to be
Sun is shinin', summer breeze (???)
Right next to me

[Jah Free (Mr. Lil' One)]
I'm high as the sun (Chuuch, yeah, come on)
I'm high as the sun (Yeah)
Uh oh, uh oh, oh oh

[Mr. Lil' One]
(Verse 1)
I never knew love, baby come close to me
Right here where you supposed to be
Convertible, top down, all that
Smile on your face, yeah, I saw that
I see the wind blow the hair out your face
Baby, come down to Uno's place
Let's, let's, let's go, yeah
Let me be the one, to take you there
I see you dancin', reacts and you act funny
Give a damn about me and not about money
On your mark, get set, let's go
To Malibu, baby, let's roll

Chorus: Jah Free
I'm high as the sun
Oh, I love when we cruisin' down Pacific Highway
I'm high as the sun
Just me and my baby, everything is okay

Hook: Jah Free
A-ah, ah, ah
A-ah, ah, ah

(Verse 2)
Everything is okay, see the wind blow
Where we gonna go, ain't nobody really know
See the waves and the sand and the sunshine
Don't worry 'bout the time baby, unwind
You, me, summer romance
Little bit of liquor, mama, let's dance
In the night time, swimming on the moonlight
I'm a make sure this time, we do it right
Ain't no fake this, baby, we can be great
Me and you together, it was all fate
On your mark, get set, let's go
To Maui, baby, let's roll

Repeat Chorus

Repeat Hook

Bridge: Mr. Lil' One
Sun shinin'
She smilin'
No clouds, just star silver linin'
So amazin'
High beamin'
You and me, just California dreamin'
Don't stop now
Keep it goin', yeah
Anywhere you want
Take you anywhere
On your mark, get set, let's go
To Miami, baby, let's roll

Repeat Pre-Chorus

Repeat Chorus

Repeat Hook Twice

[Jah Free {Fingazz}]
I'm high as the sun
A-ah, ah, ah {"Fi, fi, fi, Fingazz on the track..."}
A-ah, ah, ah
Yeah, yeah, I love it, girl

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