Holiday Inn lyrics

SNOOP DOGG Holiday Inn Lyrics
Bomb ass pussy (bomb)
(ooh)you got tha bomb
ooh you got it bomb
ooh you got some bomb ass pussy
I know you got tha bomb

What you doin`
(nothin chillin at the holiday inn)
Who you with?
me and my peeps why don`t you bring 4 of your friends?
what we gon` do?
feel on each other and sip on some hen`
one thing leading to another let the party begin

Peeps call me up,
it`s a HOE-tel party let`s bring the liquor,
it`s already 8 shortys,
i`m on my way,
let me stop by the store,
get a 12 pack of corona,
plus an ounce of `dro,
ya know,
now i`m on highway 2-7 need a natural red rose,

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