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When I get out on the dancing floor,
There ain`t no stopping for an hour or more,
I go rocking up and down and around and round,
I go reeling to the beat of that crazy sound.
I can`t stop, I want to kiss your pretty lips,
`Cause I know, pretty babe, you got honey in your hips.

I can`t stop my feet and I can`t stop my hands,
When I hear the sound of a rock `n` roll band.
Gotta rock, gotta roll, gonna jump and shout;
Nobody better come and turn me out.
I`m staying all night till I get my kicks,
`Cause you know, pretty babe, you got honey in your hips.

I want you and you want me,
We`re gonna dance all night till we both feel free,
We`ll shake and we`ll shimmy right across the floor,
When it gets late, we`ll dance out the door.
You better get ready with your pretty lips,
`Cause you know, pretty babe, you got honey in your hips

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