Hunter Hayes – 21 Lyrics

Well, it’s your birthday
Let’s act like it is
And just go crazy1
Do what we want with no reason why
Life ain’t long enough
So let’s celebrate
And get drunk on good love2
Remember what it’s like to just dance all night
We’ll dance all night

That’s the way that we’re doing it, doing it
We go big or we go back home3
People looking at us like we’re losing it, losing it
But, baby, we ain’t doing nothing wrong4
Gonna be up all night
Chasing the sunrise
Like we’re wild and young
Baby, kids on the run
Gonna party like we just turned 215

Let’s treat this town
Like we own it
And baby, if you wanna get out
You can drive this car like you stole it6
Like we’re runaways,7 like we’re superstars
Like we’re fireworks burning in the dark8


Ain’t nobody wants to act their age9
Ain’t no sense in us living this way
You and I, girl, we gotta get away
And make tonight the best night of our lives


Oh, we just having fun10


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