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I Am Blessed

Sometimes I stop
Take a look at myself
And realize just what I`ve done
It`s not that I`m better than
It`s just that I thought `I can.`
I played the odds and I won

So I have no right to complain
Or feel sorry for myself
When so many more have less
I look around
And I realize

I am so blessed
Yes I am blessed
I am so blessed
Yes I am blessed

It`s hard to conceive
People look up to me
And somehow it makes them believe
That as long as you dream
No matter what life may bring
With God you can do anything

There may be times when the world
seems so cold
And times when I cannot rest
(I don`t complain)
Cause I know inside that...

I am so blessed
(In the morning when I rise)
Yes I am blessed
I am so blessed
I am blessed, Yes I`m blessed

Of all of the places I`ve been
And people that I`ve met
A lifetime of memories I`ll never forget
I look back with no regrets cuz...

I am so blessed
Yes I am blessed
I am so blessed
Yes I am blessed



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