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JESSICA SIMPSON I M Gonna Love You Forever Lyrics
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You set my soul at ease, Chased darkness outta
view. Left your desperate spell on me, say you feel
it, too, I know ya do. I`ve got so much more to give,
Lest you die, I yearn to live. Pour yourself all over me,
And I`ll cherish every night here on my knees.

I wanna love you forever,
And this is all I`m asking of you,
Ten thousand lifetimes together,
Is that so much for you to do?
Cause from the moment that I saw your face,
And felt the fire in your sweet embrace,
I swear I knew, I`m gonna love you forever.

My mind fails to understand what my heart
tells me to do. And I give up all I have, just to be with,
and they were days I`ve always been told to win and I
never thought I`d fall, be at the mercy of a man.
I`ve never been now I only want to be right where you

In my life, I`ve learned that Heaven never waits,
Let`s take this now b4 its gone like yesterday.

Cause when I`m with you there`s no where else
That would ever wanna be, Oh, I`m craving for the
next second I can feel you loving me, I wanna love..

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