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even though i cant see
and i cant feel your touch
i will trust you lord
how i love you so much
though my nights my seem long
and i feel so alone
lord my trust is in you
i surrender to you

so many painful thoughts
travel through my mind
and i wonder how
i will make it through this time

but i trust you
lord its not easy
sometimes the pain in my life
makes you seem far away
but ill trust you
i need to know youre here
through the tears and the pain
through the heartache and rain

ill trust you

(verse 2)
everything that i see
tells me not to believe
but ill trust you lord
you have never failed me
my past still controls me
will this hurt ever leave?
i can only trust you
no one else like you do


(chorus) (vamp)
***i can
i will
i must
trust you **repeat**

***i will
trust you ***repeat***


***i will
trust you ***repeat***

***ill trust you (x3)
i will***repeat***

god will make a way (x4)

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James Fortune F/ Fiya Lyrics for I Trust You