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Niki Haris I Will Always Be There Lyrics
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Though our time alone was short I still hear the birds sing
We may never have the time to see what love to see what love can bring
Oh my love I just wanna make you mine

I recall the night we met there was music in the air
Can't forget the warmth of your embrace
And when we danced I could feel your loving care, but you left, not a shadow not a trace.

And I will always be there with you every single day Even if you cannot see me I will never go astray. A love like ours can even stand the test that time will bring. So much more than a fling.

Even if you love me so I can only wait so long, time has passed and I'm starting to forget. Could it be could it be that I was wrong, Wrong about wrong about the night we met.

Repeat Chorus

Don't think that you can treat me just like any other girl, I've waited for your love to take me to another world. And now I see you never cared about me in that way, our love has gone away.

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Niki Haris Lyrics for I Will Always Be There