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It was love at first sight
I know from the way she looked at me
Her eyes said it all
Long days and nights we spent
Until she dropped the bomb on me
When she said that she
Was unhappily married with children[CHORUS]
And I wish I never met her at all
Even though I love her soShe got love from me
But she still belongs to someone else
It hurts so bad for sure
Because she wants to be with me
But she cannot be with me
She chose to stay, at home
So they could be a familyFor the children
But what about me?
Maybe in another life
Things could be the way we both desired
It`s a catch-22Either way it hurts
Someone that you lose
[CHORUS] (x2 with some adlibbing)
I wish I wish I never met her at all
I wouldn`t hurt so much inside
Oh I wouldn`t feel this pain
If I never met her at all, at all, at all
Wish I never, wish I never

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