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[1] - If it wasn`t for yo` momma
Never thinkin` I was good enough
If it wasn`t for yo` brotha
Always checkin` every move I gave up
If it wasn`t for that bitch
Down the block always in yo` ear
Be no room for messin` up
But baby love, you`d be right here

Tell me why must I, since they bought us things
Suffer indefinitely for loving you
Sugar why must I prove to anybody but you
Feel I been chosen to loose
I paid my dues, oh

[Repeat 1]

I`d been lying too, if I said to you
That they`re pressuring me away from you
It`s that she`s run this
Got us fighting over dumbness
Got my heart on some numbness
That`s your momma and I can`t take it (no more)
I gets no joy but when I hurt
So when it hurts, it really hurts

[Repeat 1]

Gotta learn to keep your family out the game
When you`re trying to do your thing
They got more that`s due
Just cuz momma fed you right all your life
Don`t mean she walk on a perfect line
Watch your step, or pay the price, sacrifice

Mothers sisters fathers brothers
cousin`s aunts and uncles too
You know them be the main cause
Just because we know them
Doesn`t mean that they ain`t workin` you
Always it`s something something something goin` on

[Repeat 1]

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