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UNKNOWN If Youre Irish Come Into The Parlor Lyrics
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In sweet Lim`rick Town, they say,
Lived a chap named Patrick John MoIIoy.
Once he sailed to U.S.A.
His luck in foreign parts he thought he`d try.
Now he`s made his name, and is a wealthy man,
He put a bit away for a rainy day;
So if you gaze upon
The house of Patrick John,
You`ll find a notice that goes on to say:

If you`re Irish come into the parlour,
There`s a welcome there for you;
If your name is Timothy or Pat,
So long as you come from Ireland,
There`s a welcome on the mat,
If You come from the Mountains of Mourne,
Or Killarney`s lakes so blue,
We`ll sing you a song and we`ll make a fuss,
Whoever you are you are one of us,
If you`re Irish, this is the place for you!

Patrick loved the girl he wed,
But he could not stand his Ma-n-aw,
Once with joy he turned quite red,
When she got into trouble thro` her jaw.
Six police they had to take her to the Court,
She was informed a month she would have to do,
So Patrick quickly wrote
Up to the Judge a note
Explaining, `Sir, I`m much obliged to you!`

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