ILoveMakonnen – I Don’t Sell Molly No More Lyrics

[Hook] x2
I got the gas and the coke1
I don’t sell molly no more2
I keep the white and the green3
And it gotta be a pint if you looking for the lean4

[Verse 1]
OG pimping, trench coat5 mobbing
Money keep flowing from the bity to Bompton6
West coast Makonnen, the best thing going
They really like my movies, it’s the best thing showing7
Boss Hogg playing, competition slaying
Sell the whole pack then relax before the day end8
Making hella, mula’,9 give a damn about your jeweler10
Shouts out west Baltimore11 and free young moolah12

[Hook] x2

[Verse 2]
Haters can’t see us, Nish or Taniya13
We be in L.A. posting like the coliseum14
Big smoking, PCH coasting
Sherantino Hotel, pent house toasting15
When Straw-ber-ita dreams turn to champagne reality16
Old friend been down since New Life Academy17
Now we bound to the dough,18 it all make sense
On our own homes we ain’t gotta pay rent19

[Hook] x4


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